Stop Paying Monthly Fees Xfinity Compatible Modems to Save You Money

  • Posted on: 19 Apr 2023

  • Stop paying monthly rental fees to Xfinity for their modems and save yourself hundreds of dollars in the long run. With over 80+ Xfinity Compatible Modems to choose from, finding the right fit for your plan will be an easy task. prices showed on 11/16/22 that the rental fee for Xfinity's xFi Gateway is $14 a month, which means buying your equipment could potentially save you $168 a year. The MB7621 is a highly recommended modem that supports internet plans up to 600 Mbps and comes with a two-year warranty. By determining the compatibility of the modem, you plan to use and opting for your equipment, you'll also benefit from enhanced coverage and faster internet speeds. Start saving money today by avoiding rental fees and using your own compatible modem with Xfinity. 

    How to Find Xfinity Compatible Modems?

    To find Xfinity-compatible modems, customers can access the entire list of approved customer-owned modems on Xfinity. It is important to ensure that any modem chosen from the list is compatible with Xfinity to avoid any issues with connectivity or subscription. Among the best Xfinity-compatible modems available in the market, the Motorola MB8611 Cable Modem is considered the best overall modem. For most Xfinity plans, NETGEAR CM500 is the preferred modem, while the ARRIS S33 is the best Xfinity-approved modem to work with any downloading speed. Customers with slower plans like Performance Starter or Performance Select can choose from modems with DOCSIS 3.0 and 3.1 technologies. The selection of a suitable modem depends on the subscription internet plan. For greater convenience, customers can also opt for combination modems and router options, such as the Motorola MT7711, or the ARRIS SURFboard 16x4 Cable Modem/AC1600 Dual-Band WiFi Router.

    Top Xfinity-compatible modems on the market

    Motorola MB8611 - Best Overall

    The Motorola MB8611 is a reliable, future-proof, and high-speed modem, making it the best overall modem for Comcast Xfinity. It's perfect for the Gigabit Extra and Gigabit Plus plans, providing excellent coverage and support.

    ARRIS S33 - Best for Xfinity 1200 Mbps

    For those on an Xfinity 1200 Mbps plan, the ARRIS S33 is the best modem. It has excellent speeds and reliability, making it ideal for demanding gaming and streaming needs.

    Motorola MB7621 - Best for Wired Speeds up to 1000 Mbps

    The Motorola MB7621 is the best modem for those looking for a low-priced and efficient option. It's perfect for wired speeds up to 1,000 Mbps, making it an excellent choice for most households.

    Netgear CM600 - Best for Xfinity Fast (400 Mbps and lower)

    The Netgear CM600 is a reliable and valuable choice for Xfinity Fast plans of 400 Mbps and lower. It has been around for a long time, providing great speeds and reliability.

    ARRIS Surfboard SB6183 - Best DOCSIS 3.0 Modem

    The ARRIS Surfboard SB6183 is one of the best DOCSIS 3.0 modems due to its excellent reliability and high transfer speeds. It is also offered at a great price, making it a great overall value.


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