Xfinity Black Friday 2024: What Deals Can You Expect?

  • Posted on: 27 Jun 2024

  • Xfinity Black Friday 2024: What You Can Get From the Deals

    Black Friday is considered as one of the massive sale events of the year and there is no doubt that 2024 will also be full of the biggest sales for Xfinity. Being one of the largest Telecommunications Service Providers for TV, internet & home phones in the USA, Xfinity normally has big Black Friday Sales on bundles, services, devices, and many other things. Here are the best Xfinity Black Friday offers you should expect in 2024 according to previous events or sales promotions.


    Xfinity TV, Internet, Home Phone and Mobile are the main offers where Xfinity hit the biggest savings for Black Friday. Expect deals like:

    • Get other great deals you can save over $100 off your first 12 months when you subscribe to Xfinity TV, Internet, and Voice.
    • Offering as low as $79.99 per month Internet + TV for the first twelve months to new customers only.
    • Weekend and limited time www offers Internet + Mobile starting from $ 45 per month
    • Telephone/cable TV/Internet packages that come with massive subscription savings for the first year.

    Concerning the past black Friday sales, it is believed that Xfinity 2024 will offer a discount between 40% and 60% of the average monthly rates when one subscribes to multiple services. The greater the number of services grouped, the more money that can potentially be saved.

    Internet Deals

    For Black Friday 2024, you can likely find internet deals from Xfinity like:

    • That means monthly prices beginning at $29.99 for the first 12 months for new customers.
    • Free modem or WiFi router with qualifying internet packages
    • $50 – $500 Visa prepaid card reward if you order a Gigabit speed
    • Most internet packages will guarantee $200+ in savings within 2 years using this strategy.

    For at the address, where gigabit fiber connections are available to be found, you should get to look forward to some special Black Friday offers for extending max download speeds or more at up to 1Gbps on the fiber lines.

    Xfinity Mobile Promotions

    Overall for customers interested in saving on spending on mobile service, Xfinity has in the past provided juicy offers on its Xfinity Mobile phone plans around Black Friday. Expect to see offerings like:

    • Get half-price off your first 90 days of unrestricted usage when changing.
    • New iPhones and Top Android phones for $250+ off with purchase of Unlimited Plan
    • Limited offers, $15/month per line, 1GB shared data
    • Get a free phone or $300+ in gift cards if you switch two lines or add a third line.

    Expect to see up to 50% off all plans and services for Xfinity Mobile as well as gift cards and switcher-device offers based on previous Black Friday performances. That is why there are also usually Flash Sales with bonus data amounts and more attractive prices for activation.

    TV Packages

    TV service does not have as deep of a discount as the bundles or internet, however, Xfinity typically offers $15-30 off their main TV service for Black Friday sales. Expect TV deals like:

    • 140+ channels with the price of $50 per month and this price applies to your first 12 months only.
    • There are over 20 channel options and the packages start from as low as $25 per month.
    • Special offers include free premium channels for up to 6 months with selected TV packages such as HBO Max, Showtime, or Starz.
    • Sizable price cut on extras such as sports and movie channels with the TV service

    With more new 4K TVs to be available in 2024, Xfinity is also expected to come up with a variety of channel packages for better home entertainment. There will also likely be Flash Sales for extending premium channel free previews in instances where the premium channel has been offered for free for some time, at black Friday discounts on the actual day.

    Equipment & Device Deals

    For those looking to upgrade devices and equipment, Xfinity usually has aggressive promotions like:

    • Two free Xfinity X1 Voice remote controls that are normally priced at $60.
    • Receive up to $200 off on Xfinity home security systems.
    • Wireless networking – available for purchase now – WiFi extenders for only 9.99 USD (at least 50% off their regular cost).
    • Xfinity is offering 60% off its xFi Pods for enhancing WiFi signals in homes.
    • Sweeteners on Xfinity Flex 4K streaming devices
    • Mesh wireless systems that come with Internet plans at over fifty percent cheaper.
    • $100+ Coupons to be redeemed on purchase of select devices/equipment

    That saving should only escalate further into 2024 with added perks like gift cards when you trade in your devices. For example, Apple supporters should look forward to rather a steep iPhone, and iPad promotions for them to join the Xfinity Mobile network within the $300-$700 range.

    When will Xfinity announce its 2024 results?

    Considering all Black Fridays that have taken place in the past, Xfinity will probably make an early announcement for some of the offers one to two weeks before the Thanksgiving celebration. But anticipate even more on offers and details to be released during the week of Black Friday. The actual sale will begin online on Thanksgiving morning while the in-store will begin offering their sales by Thanksgiving evening.

    Although it is understood that most of the very best offers can be expected to be had on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, Xfinity has been known to offer various deals all through the holiday shopping season. Therefore consumers get a chance to score their savings throughout the week with Thanksgiving and up to early December in most years.

    Alerts to the 2024 Deals Sign-Up

    However, it is always smart to subscribe to Xfinity’s promotional emails and Black Friday deals before Black Friday 2024. Also, check their social account for discounts like the Facebook page or the Twitter handle. This way you will be one of the first to get informed as soon as Xfinity shares official information about their Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers for the year 2024. As said, the savings can be huge, and you wouldn’t wish to miss out on it next year.

    The Bottom Line

    Following the traditional offers and tendencies, Black Friday 2024 should present the best offers in the year to Xfinity. There are usually discounts of 40-60% on bundles with benefits worth hundreds of services for the first year. Don’t forget that searching for the best offers, device discounts, gift cards, and flash sales is important as well. Well, brace yourself and wait for this sale as it will commence in November next year to cater to the holiday season.