How to Change or Cancel Xfinity Service?

  • Posted on: 28 Jun 2024

  • Xfinity, which currently serves millions of homes across the United States, offers bundled services that include cable television, internet, and phone services among others. The best part is that you can cancel or change the Xfinity services at any time without any hassle.

    Xfinity is an American telecommunications company that was formerly known as Comcast; it offers cable services. Being one of the biggest cable providers in the United States it provides cable television services, broadband internet and phone connection, home telephone, and home security in both residential and commercial sectors.

    However, as human beings, you may find yourself in a situation where you need to change or cancel your Xfinity services due to alterations in your needs or your budget. To change services such as the internet speed, or get more cable channels is very easy. However, canceling can be quite a problem due to issues like early termination fees, returns of equipment, and how to request the cancellation appropriately. This article gives a detailed procedure that can be followed by any Xfinity customer who wants to alter or terminate their service in a hassle-free manner.

    How To Switch From Xfinity Bundles, Increase or Decrease Your Service Plan?

    Another way of making the change is by using the Xfinity My Account which is more easily accessible. You can do the following upgrades and downgrades yourself online:

    Internet Speed Changes – Xfinity has chosen new internet speed options. Sometimes you can switch to a higher tier to receive faster speeds while other times you can opt for a service that is cheaper than the current one. Typically, this is possible at no extra cost if you decide to lease your Xfinity equipment and you can switch between speeds as you wish.

    Manage Cable Channels – This means that you can add more channels by opting for Xfinity On Demand and at the same time eliminate any channel you think is unnecessary because you don’t watch it. If you add some channels, this will result in a high monthly payment while on the other side if you remove some channels it will result in a low monthly payment.

    Equipment Modifications – You can alter the quantity of the X1 set-top-box, cable modems, or streaming devices very easily through the web. They might increase your bill if they include the equipment in the package unless you return the old equipment and get a credit after 30 days.

    If your change is of another nature for instance switching home phone plans or perhaps adding an Xfinity Mobile line you will need to call Xfinity customer service number 1-800-XFINITY. The representatives are capable of providing information on the options available as well as the alteration of account details through a telephone.

    Canceling Xfinity Cable Service

    Looking to cancel your Xfinity cable TV subscription? Here’s the proper way to cancel:

    Confirm the Account Holder's Name

    In this case, the Xfinity account holder who has the discretion to pay the bill on the account has to cancel the services. If you’re not the main account holder then tell them to be ready to produce information whenever they are calling to cancel.

    Check the Contract End Date

    Check when the Xfinity service agreement is ending as stated in the contract. That is on top of other charges such as a U-Verse early termination fee of $50 to $180 if you are under contract and cancel early with Xfinity. In the case where you can, ensure that you make your cancellation request when your agreement expires, thus avoiding being charged.

    Choose the day on which the cancellation can be most effectively made

    Select a cancellation date that should be about 5-7 days after you call to cancel your subscription. This also offers an opportunity for Xfinity to make the last pickups for equipment or turn off services. The date should also coincide with the account billing cycle closing so that it can facilitate easy comparison and analysis of the accounts.

    Call Service Center

    Call and participate in the automated service that transfers you to the cancellation section. The cancellation representative will confirm your details and the details of the cancellation process including the applicable cancellation charges, timeframes, and any other procedures involved in the cancellation. Do not allow them to offer you a retention incentive to make you continue with the program, just tell them you want to cancel.

    Schedule Equipment Returns

    Xfinity also provides a return policy for rental equipment such as receivers, routers, and cables, and this is within 30 days. If not returned they sell them at full retail price which automatically dissuades customers from making such purchases. As a result, you should ask for return kits or arrange pickups to avert these charges.

    Pay Final Bill

    Your last prorated bill is produced near the time of cancellation or at the time when you decide to let go of the subscription. The amount that you would be charged depends on the time left to the next billing cycle of the services that you intend to cancel. A written or email bill or invoice should be received within 7-10 days after cancellation and should be paid on time.

    Canceling Xfinity Internet Service

    Canceling Xfinity internet works much the same way as canceling cable TV service:

    1. Verify You Can Cancel

    While cable TV is bundled with internet services, the Xfinity plans themselves are not generally marketed under fixed-duration contracts. Therefore, the plans probably allow you to cancel your subscription anytime without incurring the early termination fees. However, it is important to note that while some of these bundles are flexible some come with contract obligations still, so make sure to check before canceling the internet.

    2. Pick a Cancellation Date

    Xfinity has to be notified of your choice to cancel your internet service at least 5 business days in advance. This makes it possible to gather all the account changes and process them correctly.

    3. Call Customer Service

    You should just dial 1-800-XFINITY and just tell them that you would like to cancel the Xfinity internet service. Decide on the day that you want to stop service. Explain the schedule for when they will return the equipment to avoid these extra charges of equipment in the future.

    4. Restore and Erase All Devices and Wi-Fi

    Delete all Wi-Fi names, passwords, and other configurations you have created before taking a factory reset of the cable modems and routers that you intend to return. Also clear other devices from the saved Xfinity Wi-Fi networks as shown below.

    5. Pay Outstanding Charges

    The last prorated bill for the internet is in the regular billing cycle, which occurs after cancellation has taken place. This is because paying it on time will eliminate all the collection hassles that may come your way. Use if it appears to be higher than expected and call if higher than the previously tracked number.

    Xfinity: Tips to Remember When Canceling

    Here are some additional tips for a smooth Xfinity cancellation:

    • However, if you are moving, you can transfer or even cancel services in full. Be clear about what you want in terms of an option. Transfers may have certain charges regarding installation.
    • Services cancel individually – this means that you can cancel a service without the need to cancel all other services. First of all, if the cable is bundled with other services, it should be canceled first because the internet can be turned off for a longer time.
    • Make sure that you’re considering extras such as premium channels, mobile internet from Xfinity, or protection plans for your equipment. Cancel these too or charges will they go on.
    • Documentation is another important aspect, especially when it comes to cancellation confirmation numbers, equipment return tracking, and the final bill in case of further disagreements.
    • If you are thinking about deactivating phone service, ensure that you ensure you migrate your number to another service provider before you deactivate it so that you do not lose the number forever.

    Changing your mind? There is a possibility of reconnecting services if it is done the same day with equipment not yet taken away. After that installation fees are charged even for reconnecting the new customer policies.

    Changing or canceling Xfinity is pretty easy to do but make sure you have a clear understanding of how it works by reading this summary.

    Governing services with cable companies is a complicated process that includes contracts, bills, equipment returns, installation appointments, fees, etc. Overall, the process is not very complicated but missing any of the details can be a disaster to your account. It is advisable to adhere to the above-provided steps for both altering and canceling Xfinity services to avoid some challenges in the future. Isolation of timely communication, follow-up on equipment return, telephone number transfer, and payment of the final bills. In this regard, one can make changes to the Xfinity account without much hassles when considering the following aspects.