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Verizon 5G Home Internet Packages

5G Home Plus


  • Higher-Speed Download
  • Ultra HD 4K Video Streaming
  • Router and whole-home wifi included
  • 3-Year Price Guarantee
  • Verizon Cloud Unlimited

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5G Home


  • Higher-Speed Download
  • 1080p Video Streaming
  • Wireless Router Included
  • 2-Year Price Guarantee

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Features of Verizon

Price is the price, Guaranteed

Get up to $500 credit to help you switch

No data caps or annual contracts


Verizon Internet-Only Deals

Discover exclusive internet-only deals from Verizon, offering high-speed connectivity at unbeatable prices. With our cutting-edge fiber-optic technology, experience lightning-fast internet for seamless streaming, gaming, and browsing. Enjoy reliable performance and exceptional customer service, backed by Verizon's trusted network. Whether you're a new customer or upgrading your existing plan, our deals cater to all needs and budgets. Benefit from special promotions, discounts, and incentives tailored to internet-only subscribers. Stay connected with the world and elevate your online experience with Verizon's internet deals, delivering exceptional value and reliability to your home or business. Unlock the power of the internet with Verizon today.

Verizon Internet Fees

  1. Basic Plan: Affordable monthly fee for standard internet access.
  2. High-Speed Options: Various tiers offering faster speeds at competitive prices.
  3. Bundle Discounts: Save when you combine internet with TV or phone services.
  4. Equipment Charges: Modem and router rental fees may apply.
  5. Installation Costs: One-time setup fee for professional installation.
  6. Early Termination Fees: Charges if you cancel your contract before its end date.
  7. Data Overage Fees: Additional charges for exceeding monthly data limits, if applicable.
  8. Taxes and Surcharges: Additional fees may include regulatory charges and taxes.
  9. Promotional Offers: Periodic discounts and incentives for new customers or upgrades.
  10. Loyalty Rewards: Discounts for long-term subscribers or bundle customers.

Verizon Fios Bundle Plans and Pricing

Plan Name

Starting Price


Triple Play Essential


- Includes Fios 300 Mbps internet, Your Fios TV (choose 5 channels), and Basic Phone

Triple Play Preferred


- Includes Fios 500 Mbps internet, Fios TV More (popular channels + regional sports), and Basic Phone

Triple Play Ultimate


- Includes Fios Gigabit internet, Fios TV Ultra (most popular channels + premium networks), and Unlimited Phone

Double Play Internet & TV


- Includes Fios 500 Mbps internet and Your Fios TV (choose 5 channels)

Internet Only


- Fios 300 Mbps internet with guaranteed price (no hidden fees)

Verizon Internet Discounts

Discover exclusive discounts on Verizon internet plans tailored to meet your needs and budget. Benefit from competitive pricing and special promotions designed to save you money while enjoying high-speed connectivity. Whether you're a new subscriber or upgrading your existing plan, Verizon offers a range of discounts, including bundle savings when you combine internet with other services like TV or phone. Take advantage of limited-time offers, seasonal deals, and loyalty rewards to maximize your savings. With reliable performance and exceptional customer service, Verizon delivers value-packed internet solutions that keep you connected without breaking the bank. Explore our discounts today and elevate your online experience with Verizon.

How to Get the Best Deal With Verizon Internet ?

  1. Research Thoroughly: Start by researching thoroughly online. Visit Verizon's official website and other reputable sources to understand their current internet plans, pricing structures, and any ongoing promotions. This will give you a baseline understanding of what to expect.
  2. Bundle Strategically: Consider bundling your internet service with other Verizon offerings such as TV or phone services. Bundling often unlocks additional discounts or perks that you wouldn't get with standalone services. Evaluate your needs and see if bundling makes financial sense for you.
  3. Assess Your Usage: Analyze your internet usage patterns to determine the appropriate speed and data allowance you require. Opting for a plan that aligns closely with your needs can help you avoid paying for features you don't use while ensuring you have enough bandwidth for your activities.
  4. Contact Verizon Directly: Reach out to Verizon customer service representatives either via phone or online chat. Sometimes, representatives have access to exclusive deals or promotions that may not be advertised publicly. Be prepared to ask questions and negotiate terms to secure the best possible deal.
  5. Consider Contract Terms: Evaluate contract terms carefully. While long-term contracts may offer lower monthly rates, they can also lock you into a specific plan for an extended period. On the other hand, opting for a month-to-month plan might give you more flexibility but could come with slightly higher monthly fees.
  6. Explore Discounts and Incentives: Look for special discounts available to specific groups such as students, military personnel, or seniors. Verizon often offers promotions targeting these demographics, providing additional savings or perks for eligible customers.
  7. Check for Equipment Deals: Investigate if there are any promotions related to equipment such as modems, routers, or installation fees. Sometimes, Verizon waives or discounts these costs for new customers or as part of ongoing promotions.
  8. Monitor Seasonal Offers: Keep an eye on seasonal offers and holiday sales. Verizon frequently runs promotions during key shopping periods like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or back-to-school season. Planning your sign-up around these times can potentially score you a better deal.
  9. Compare Pricing and Features: Don't forget to compare pricing and features across different plans. Look beyond just the monthly fee and consider factors like speed, data caps, and customer support quality. This will ensure you're getting the best overall value for your money.
  10. Stay Informed and Patient: Finally, stay informed about Verizon's offerings by subscribing to newsletters, following them on social media, or setting up alerts for deal notifications. Patience can also pay off as promotions and discounts frequently rotate, so waiting for the right opportunity can lead to significant savings in the long run.


What types of deals does Verizon offer?

Verizon offers a variety of deals on its services, including internet, TV, phone, and bundles. These deals can range from promotional pricing, discounts on equipment, to bundle savings.

How can I find the latest Verizon deals?

You can find the latest Verizon deals by visiting their official website and navigating to the Deals or Offers section. Additionally, you can subscribe to their newsletter, follow them on social media, or contact their customer service for updates on current promotions.

Are there special deals for new customers?

Yes, Verizon often offers special deals for new customers, such as discounted pricing on internet plans, waived equipment fees, or free installation.

Can existing customers take advantage of Verizon deals?

Yes, existing customers may also be eligible for certain deals and promotions. These could include discounts on upgrading their current plan, bundle savings, or loyalty rewards.

Do Verizon deals require a contract?

Some Verizon deals may require signing a contract, while others may be available on a month-to-month basis. It's essential to review the terms and conditions of each deal to understand the contract requirements.

Are there any discounts for bundling services with Verizon?

Yes, Verizon often provides discounts for bundling services such as internet, TV, and phone. Bundling can result in significant savings compared to purchasing each service separately.

Do Verizon deals include discounts on equipment?

Yes, some Verizon deals may include discounts on equipment such as modems, routers, or set-top boxes. Additionally, Verizon may offer promotions with waived or reduced installation fees.

Are there any special deals for students, military personnel, or seniors?

Yes, Verizon occasionally offers special deals and discounts for students, military personnel, seniors, and other eligible groups. These deals may include discounted pricing, freebies, or exclusive offers.

How long do Verizon deals typically last?

The duration of Verizon deals can vary. Some promotions may be short-term and available for a limited time, while others may be ongoing or seasonal. It's advisable to check the expiration date of each deal and act accordingly.

Can I combine multiple Verizon deals for additional savings?

In some cases, yes, you may be able to combine multiple Verizon deals for additional savings. However, it's essential to review the terms and conditions of each deal to ensure compatibility and eligibility.