Does Xfinity iPhone Deals for Existing Customers?

  • Posted on: 28 Jun 2024

  • Does Xfinity offer iPhone Deals for Existing Customers?

    Xfinity Mobile is a wireless service provider that uses Verizon’s network and is a Comcast Company. If you are an Xfinity internet or TV subscriber then you can get unlimited talk, text, and shared data starting at $45/line/month if you choose the cable plans offered by the company. This brings us to the question as to whether the Xfinity company has some iPhone deals for its current customers only. Maybe it is important to look at it in detail.

    In particular, the following issues need to be answered: What kinds of cell phone deals do Xfinity provide?

    In general, Xfinity Mobile offers several types of deals on cell phones and service plans:

    - Some of the rebates are when you purchase mobile service in combination with Xfinity’s Internet or television services.
    - Some of the advertising techniques include occasional promotions whereby an individual can get a cheaper phone or service provider’s package to a certain extent.
    - Upgrade plans let you bring an eligible device and get credit toward a new phone
    - Mobile sharing plans like the BYOD ones, which offer lower fees to be paid every month since the device is not being paid off

    However, most of their best offer is only given to new customers and not their regular customers or subscribers.

    Are there any Xfinity iPhone Offers for Existing Clients?

    As for the existing customer plans, it seems that Xfinity does not have iPhone promotions exclusively for its current clients. They are new to iPhone and their offers and promotions even look like they are aiming at new customers and not the existing ones.

    Sometimes there are temporary offers that can be used by clients who own an iPhone or those who have never purchased Apple’s equipment before. However, Xfinity does not enjoy any usual iPhone offers or even routine sales that are exclusive to customers who are already with the company.

    Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any carriers that offered a direct upgrade program for their customers; the closest that we came was Xfinity Mobile’s trade-in program. Currently, return customers can also trade in an eligible device and apply the trade-in credit to the purchase of a new iPhone. However, trade-in values may not necessarily be as high as promotions for new subscribers for the existing customer base.

    Is It Possible for Existing Xfinity Mobile Subscribers to Upgrade Their Plan at a Lower Cost?

    However, the existing Xfinity Mobile users, can not trade their existing Xfinity Mobile iPhone for a new one at these offers. It should be noted that Xfinity does not have a yearly phone upgrade program in place.

    It is only possible for the current generation iPhone customers to upgrade to the new model and save their money by having to trade in their current used iPhone and have the credit amount towards the purchase of the new iPhone. Both trade-in amounts and fees will depend on the specific model of the device and its current state.

    Likewise, current customers who are on eligible BYOD plans will see service fees slashed by $10-$20 per month because they are not paying off phones in installments. However, there are no upgrade offers for current iPhone X subscribers where they can get the next iPhone at a lower price.

    What are some tips that can be followed while using iPhone and Xfinity Mobile that can save some money?

    While Xfinity doesn’t offer many recurring iPhone deals for existing customers, there are still a few options to help you save:

    Consider switching carriers: They have some prepaid carriers and MVNOS such as Visible or Mint that have lower rates and iPhone referrals for eligible newcomers. This is a signal that you may save more in the long run by switching from your current provider.

    Pay full price for phones: Everyone knows that buying a device on an installment plan means higher monthly payments because you have to pay interest on the monthly payments that were added to your principal. Apple should take the lead and provide an unlocked phone for sale to its customers, which will cost most consumers more than $200 or 2 years.

    Add extra lines: Xfinity makes a specific offer that you get a reduction for each additional line. Including family could be beneficial in the sense that, your total expenses would decrease.

    Trade-in frequently: This strategy of changing iPhones every 2 years is convenient because trade-in credit can be indefinitely applied to any new iPhone.

    Leverage other discounts: If you are a senior citizen, a veteran, a nurse, a teacher, and the like which can get you more Xfinity mobile package than what you have, apply the discounts that you are qualified for.

    Though not particularly iPhone-related, the following tips might orient Xfinity Mobile users on how to cut costs during a new device acquisition or while choosing a service plan.

    Why Are There Not Better iPhone Offers for Existing Customers by Xfinity?

    Xfinity Mobile’s major promotional strategy is offering low prices for iPhones and promotions as a way to ‘steal’ customers from other carriers. You know what’s good for both – Apple gets more iPhone sales and Verizon gets iPhones plus additional wireless customers.

    On the other hand, Xfinity has less motivation to give out attractive iPhone deals to customers who are already using the Xfinity mobile network. This is because existing subscribers are a ‘captured’ market, meaning that Xfinity understands that it faces very little threat of being switched for its service by another provider. And it does not increase their metrics like new activations of subscribers who continue to choose the company’s products.

    Also, all of the wireless plans offered by Xfinity include the purchase of a wireless phone as part of the monthly device installment payments. Shift iPhone sales to the existing users, and Xfinity is left with no profitable installment billing point revenues.

    Because of these reasons, Xfinity will not be able to launch new recurring iPhone exclusive offers to its mobile subscribers shortly. They will remain focused on the iPhone primarily in the subscriber acquisition.

    Should You Jump Ship for Better iPhone Offers?

    Whether or not it is time to leave Xfinity depends on the possibility of how much consumers could save if they transfer to a carrier that offers more benefits to existing clients.

    The kind of deals seen above are even less appealing than what T-Mobile and Verizon provide for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 to their existing customers. Most of them let their early upgrade customers buy new phones at steep discounts, including $500 and below with trade-in and unlimited plan packages.

    It is possible that over 2 years, new and existing subscriber iPhone offers of another carrier could compensate for the annoyance of switching. Like any other service provider, Xfinity may have certain policies such as ETF fees that may dissuade you from leaving them behind, and therefore it is wise to do your homework, read between the lines, and calculate whether the costs outweigh the benefits of leaving Xfinity.

    On the brighter side, the modem service allows for unlimited talk, text, and shared data at very affordable prices meaning that Xfinity Mobile is a suitable choice for many iPhone users regardless of many iPhone offers and updates that the company may offer. However, for individuals interested in a consistently cheap iPhone device with frequent upgrades, Xfinity may not be as favorable as other carriers.