Your Guide To Internet Speeds

  • Posted on: 10 Dec 2022

  • Are you looking to get the most out of your home internet connection? Do you need faster speeds to suit your streaming and surfing needs? If so, then this post is for you! With technology advancing constantly, understanding how Internet speed works can be overwhelming. But don’t fret! We're here to provide a comprehensive guide on all things internet-related. From what affects speed and download times, to which ISP provider offers the best services in terms of pricing and packages - we'll go through it all. There's no better time than now to gain a full understanding of broadband and everything that comes with it. Let us help you find the perfect fit for your home network today!

    What internet providers offer the best internet speeds?




    Download speeds up to

    Upload speeds up to

    Verizon Fios

    Editor's choice


    200–940 Mbps

    200–880 Mbps




    100–5,000 Mbps

    20–5,000 Mbps


    Best for performance


    75–6,000 Mbps

    10–6,000 Mbps


    Best no-contract


    300–1,000 Mbps

    10–35 Mbps




    100–940 Mbps

    10–940 Mbps

    What determines my internet speed?

    Are you curious about how internet speeds are determined? There are many factors that go into determining one's internet speed, including geographical location, technology type, provider package, and the number of devices in use. All these variables work together to create a customized experience that is unique to each individual user.

    How much internet speed do I need?

    Are you unsure of how much internet speed is the right amount for your home or business? With access to faster speeds, more connections, and wider capabilities, it's important to understand what speed fits your specific needs.

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