how to watch netflix on smart tv without internet

  • Posted on: 17 Oct 2023

  • Netflix is the go-to platform for streaming content, and smart TVs have become an integral part of our homes. However, there are situations when you might not have internet access but still want to enjoy your favorite shows. Whether you're in a remote location or facing temporary connectivity issues, you can still watch Netflix on your smart TV.

    Preparing for Offline Viewing

    To watch Netflix without an internet connection, you'll need to prepare in advance. Here's what you need to do:

    1. Download the Netflix App

    Before going offline, make sure you've downloaded the Netflix app on your smart TV. You can find it in the app store of your TV.

    2. Create a Netflix Account

    If you don't have a Netflix account, you'll need to create one. Visit the official Netflix website to sign up and choose a subscription plan.

    3. Subscribe to Netflix Downloads

    Netflix offers a feature that allows you to download content for offline viewing. Ensure that you're subscribed to this service.

    4. Connect to Wi-Fi

    While you need an internet connection for these preparations, you won't need it to actually watch downloaded content. Make sure you have access to Wi-Fi during this setup phase.

    Downloading Content

    Now that you've prepared your smart TV, it's time to download the content you want to watch offline.

    1. Open the Netflix App

    Launch the Netflix app on your smart TV.

    2. Browse for Content

    Search for the TV shows or movies you want to watch offline.

    3. Download Content

    For each title, you'll find a download button. Click it to start the download process.

    4. Manage Downloads

    You can check the progress of your downloads in the "Downloads" section of the Netflix app.

    Watching Offline

    Once you've downloaded the content, you're all set to enjoy it without an internet connection.

    1. Open Netflix

    Launch the Netflix app on your smart TV.

    2. Go to Downloads

    Navigate to the "Downloads" section within the app.

    3. Choose Your Content

    Select the TV show or movie you want to watch.

    4. Enjoy

    Sit back and enjoy your favorite Netflix content without the need for an internet connection.


    Q: Can I download content on any smart TV?

    Yes, most modern smart TVs support downloading content for offline viewing. Just make sure you have the Netflix app installed.

    Q: Is downloading content on Netflix legal?

    Absolutely! Netflix offers a legitimate feature that allows users to download content for offline viewing within their platform.

    Q: How much space do downloaded titles take?

    The space required depends on the quality of the download. Higher-quality downloads take up more space, so choose according to your storage capacity.

    Q: Can I download content on a limited data plan?

    Downloading content on a limited data plan is possible, but it's essential to monitor your data usage. Consider downloading over Wi-Fi if you're concerned about data limits.

    Q: Can I watch downloaded content on multiple devices?

    Netflix allows you to watch downloaded content on multiple devices, depending on your subscription plan.

    Q: Do downloaded titles expire?

    Yes, downloaded titles have an expiration date, and you'll need to renew them by reconnecting to the internet.


    Enjoying Netflix on your smart TV without an internet connection is a convenient option for travelers, those with limited data plans, or anyone experiencing connectivity issues. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can ensure a seamless offline viewing experience. Stay entertained with your favorite Netflix shows and movies anytime, anywhere.