How much is AT&T Home Internet?

  • Posted on: 01 Apr 2023

  • AT&T home plans offer affordable and reliable internet services, with plans starting as low as $55 per month. Customers can enjoy fast download speeds ranging from 100 Mbps to 1,000 Mbps, making it easy to find a plan that suits their needs. Equipment fees are included in the monthly cost, and there is no annual contract required. For those on a budget or looking for a great deal, the AT&T Internet 300 fiber plan is a top pick. DSL plans are also available, and customers can expect to pay $10 per month for their equipment. Overall, AT&T Fiber Internet offers a range of internet plans that are competitively priced and provide a quality user experience.

    AT&T Home Internet Options

    1. AT&T Internet 100:

    AT&T Internet 100 is a high-speed home internet plan that offers customers symmetrical internet speeds, which means the upload speeds are as much as five times faster than the national average. This internet plan is ideal for streaming, downloading, and uploading large files. The plan offers new customers a promotional price of $55 per month for the first 12 months, making it an affordable option for those who want to upgrade their internet service. One of the standout features of AT&T Internet 100 is that it comes with unlimited data, ensuring that customers never have to worry about data caps or excess usage fees. Compared to other internet services providers, such as Cox and Xfinity, who have data caps of 1.25 TB and 1.2 TB, respectively, AT&T's unlimited data makes it an attractive choice for heavy internet users. Overall, the AT&T Internet 100 plan provides a reliable internet connection with impressive download and upload speeds, and unlimited data at a competitive price point.

    2. AT&T Fiber Internet 300:

    AT&T Fiber Internet 300 is a high-speed internet plan that offers equal upload and download speeds of 300Mbps. With the ability to support up to 11 devices at a time, this plan has been rated #1 in perceived value among AT&T Fiber plans. Customers can also enjoy the fastest internet plans with no annual contracts, including speeds up to 2 GIG & 5 GIG. Starting at only $55 per month, plus taxes and fees, the AT&T Fiber 300 is a well-priced internet plan that utilizes fiber optic technology to deliver speeds that are four times faster than traditional high-speed internet. With the advancement of high-speed internet, accessing the world's knowledge has never been easier, and AT&T Fiber Internet 300 makes this possible with its reliable and efficient network.

    3. AT&T Fiber Internet 500:

    AT&T Fiber 500 is a top-rated fiber optic internet plan that offers lightning-fast internet speeds of up to 500Mbps. This plan offers an ideal solution for families or small businesses with up to 8-12 users who require high-speed internet for their daily needs. The plan is available for a flat fee of $65 per month and comes with no annual contract, making it an affordable and flexible option for those looking to upgrade their internet service. AT&T Fiber 500 is powered by advanced fiber optic technology, which ensures a reliable and consistent connection for streaming, browsing, and online gaming.

    4. AT&T Fiber Internet 1000:

    AT&T's Fiber Internet 1000 is a top-of-the-line fiber optic internet plan with blazing-fast speeds of up to 1000 Mbps. With symmetrical download and upload speeds of up to 940 Mbps, it is one of the fastest residential internet plans available in the market. Priced reasonably at $80 per month, the plan offers a great connection at a terrific value. The plan is highly recommended for home users who require reliable internet connectivity for various online activities such as streaming, gaming, and browsing the web. This plan is most suitable for heavy internet users.

    How to check for AT&T internet availability in your area?

    For those who desire to check for the availability of AT&T Internet services in their area, there are a few options to explore. The first step is to visit the AT&T website and input one's address or zip code to view available plans. On the website, one can choose between residential and business options to find the right plan that meets their needs. Additionally, interested parties can utilize the internet speed test to evaluate the speed and quality of their current network. It is also possible to find out if AT&T Fiber is available in select cities as it is faster than DSL connections. For those residing in Bellaire, Texas, AT&T Internet is a top internet provider with DSL services available. The point option offers DSL services and is available to 99% of Bellaire residents, while 85% have access to Fiber through AT&T. With these options and resources, individuals can easily evaluate their AT&T internet availability and select the best plan that meets their unique requirements.


    After analyzing the factual data regarding AT&T's internet plans, it can be concluded that the cost of their home internet service ranges from $55 to $180 per month. The company offers various plans with download speeds between 100 Mbps to 5 Gbps, making it a suitable option for different needs and budgets. Notably, AT&T Fiber plans start at $55 per month, inclusive of equipment fees, and with no annual contract. For those seeking an affordable and reliable internet connection, the AT&T Internet 300 fiber plan would be a commendable choice. Overall, AT&T offers an extensive range of home internet plans with competitive pricing, enabling customers to select a plan that best suits their requirements.

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