How to Return Your Xfinity Equipment When You're Relocating?

  • Posted on: 26 Jun 2024

  • Xfinity Moving – Returning Your Xfinity Equipment

    The following is a message for Xfinity customers, especially for those who are planning to relocate to a new house, you must make sure that you return all the Xfinity equipment otherwise you will be charged for the unreturned items. Here, you will learn the essential information to help you return your Xfinity cable boxes, modems, routers, and other equipment when you move.

    Moving to a new home is an exciting task, but it comes with challenges, for instance, informing Xfinity of your move.

    The first thing that you need to do is ensure that you contact Xfinity and inform them of the date on which you are moving as well as your new moving address. It is very simple to do this through the Xfinity My Account Portal or if you have the Xfinity Mobile App.

    Giving notice to Xfinity will make them send you equipment return kits and information that we require. This also allows one to return gear without incurring additional costs in the form of late charges. If possible, give at least 1-2 week’s notice so that another teacher can be arranged for the class.

    Locate Your Xfinity Equipment

    Then, list down all the Xfinity device that needs to be returned. Go through the official website of Xfinity and create an account or use the Xfinity app for Android or iOS to check all the equipment related to your account. Common items include:

    • Devices such as cable boxes including X1, XiD, or other legacy cable boxes.
    • Gateways (combined modem/routers)
    • Such as XB6 or XB7 modem or any other stand-alone modem.
    • Xfinity xFi Pods
    • Any other equipment that is provided and rented or leased from your Xfinity account

    These devices are often located in several areas of your residence for example in the living room, office, or bedroom. They check carefully so that they find all the equipment to ensure that they are not overcharged for what they left behind.

    Finally, obtain the Return Kits & Labels.

    Once you have all your equipment together, it is best to contact Xfinity and seek return kits and shipping labels. Xfinity makes it easy to return the equipment they have issued to customers by offering pre-paid return labels and even return boxes.

    To obtain return kits, you can go through the My Account site on the web or the My Account application.

    Return Kits Include:

    • Packing material suited to the dimensions of the Xfinity devices
    • To encourage the return of the containers from the consumers, firms provide pre-paid return shipping labels.
    • Return instructions

    The representatives can also provide information in regards to the return process and make sure you receive all necessary equipment return elements.

    Options to Return Merchandise and Undeliverable Packages

    After the return kits have been shipped out to you, it is time to pack your devices. Follow these steps:

    • Unplug all the devices from the power outlets and turn off any equipment in use.
    • This is done by employing secured tape and ensuring one seals the boxes appropriately.
    • Attach pre-paid postage stamps on the boxes
    • This must be done by depositing sealed boxes at any UPS store or any other drop box.

    For cable boxes, modems, and xFi pods, please pack each item with the cords to be neatly tucked in a different box. Secure it with secured tape for proper sealing and then place the pre-paid labels in the respective spaces.

    Bigger gateways may be returned in boxes from Xfinity that can be specially used when returning those WiFi router/modem combos. If there are any specific steps in packing those devices, then one is supposed to follow those steps.

    Important: As for equipment boxes, don’t put any other things like remotes, and HDMI cables inside them, they may get lost in the warehouse. Return only the Xfinity-owned devices themselves without returning the other items in the picture.

    Once everything is sealed up and the shipping labels are placed on the boxes, it is possible to return any equipment at a UPS store or a drop-box or schedule a customer pick-up. Xfinity also allows customers to enjoy pre-paid shipping so that returning any device does not cost you anything or is easy.

    Arriving at the Store (Optional)

    On the equipment returns side, customers can return equipment at any UPS location but certain customers may wish to return devices at their local Xfinity store.

    To do this:

    • Tell officials you are going to return to the store
    • Assemble objects that have their cables neatly wound
    • It is recommended to visit the store location during business hours
    • Give details of the account in the company to the customer service department.
    • Check and ensure that all the devices have been returned

    This could be a major advantage of completing returns in person where equipment was returned successfully one gets a receipt instantly. However, bear in mind, that Xfinity stores have short working hours, unlike UPS drop boxes that are opened 24/7.

    Get Return Receipt

    Regardless you dropped your items at the UPS or at the Xfinity store you would like to have some evidence that your returns were done appropriately.

    For UPS returns, you can track your shipment and use the delivery receipts that are available at My UPS. Go to the UPS homepage to register for a free My UPS account so that you can keep track of returns equipment delivery.

    In case of returning at the store, ask for a hard copy receipt that contains the list of all the devices that were returned. Even forward a picture of that store receipt to yourself with the date and time stamp in it for your reference.

    It is beneficial to follow up so that, at the end of your contract with Xfinity, they do not overcharge you for equipment that has not been returned. Getting a refund on late charges for returned items is much easier when receipts are prepared and stamped appropriately.

    Make Sure You Are Given Your Final Credits

    This is also the time when you should closely scrutinize your final bill to ensure that all returned equipment has been properly credited back to you. For every cable box, modem, router, and other device returned, there should be an equivalent credit given by the company.

    If any of the items indicate that there are overdue fees beyond the return date, call Xfinity's billing department immediately with copies of the equipment’s return receipts. This will help in the process of having those late equipment charges dropped by providing a timely return of the equipment.

    That gives a basic idea of how to return the Xfinity equipment when one is opting to move from one home to another. Checking on return status and planning effectively helps avoid the worst scenario of being charged for items that are on their way back. It is all about being proactive when moving and doing so makes your move as easy as possible on the cable/Internet front!