Best Streaming Services 2024: Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and More

  • Posted on: 25 Jun 2024

  • Best Streaming Services 2024: Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Online Streaming Service, and Other.

    The trends in the streaming services market will be developed in 2024 with more services than ever before vying for consumers' attention. There is a wide list of streaming platforms and thus making a decision of which one is worthy of your subscription fee can be a herculean task. Below is a list of some of the streaming services that are popular in 2024 and how they differentiate themselves from the rest.

    Amazon Prime Video

    Due to its vast selection of films and TV shows, subscription-based price being an Amazon Prime member, and commitment to producing exclusive content, Amazon Prime Video remains a popular streaming service.

    Some of the highlights of Amazon Prime Video in 2024 include:

    • Access to over 20,000 movies and serials in the vast content library. This list also incorporates the most-watched licensed content, outstanding Prime Original series, and other content that are accessible for a subscription fee through the Prime Video Channels.
    • Innovative original programming like the fantasy epic “Lord of the Rings: These include ‘The Lord of the Rings of Power,’ a superpower spoof ‘The Boys,’ and Oscar-winning dramas ‘Sound of Metal,’ and ‘One Night in Miami.’ With the backing of Amazon, the company can afford mega-budget films.
    • Convenience for the consumers particularly those with Amazon Prime subscriptions. In addition to free shipping benefits for Amazon members, and access to streaming music through Amazon Music, Prime Gaming, and much more, an Amazon Prime subscription also gives customers access to Prime Video. The subscription is reasonable and will cost $14.99/month or $139/year, making it a great value.
    • Easy-to-use interface and easy to employ buttons. For easy navigation, Prime Video offers their users recommendations of various content to browse through. Prime Video is available for download and offline use, which enables flexibility in watching your favorite content on the go; Amazon’s X-Ray provides additional information on scenes and soundtrack lists when streaming.

    Based on recent trends, one can expect Amazon to continue extending its command over the Prime Video platform and content library for many years to come.


    With Hulu, viewers can get one of the greatest collections of TV shows available on-demand, quality original content, and the most smooth transition to new network series within a day of their premiere.

    In 2024, highlights of the Hulu streaming experience include:

    • Watching current popular shows immediately from ABC, NBC, Fox, and other networks the day after their original air date. With this live TV option, Hulu becomes the one-stop-shop for those who still wish to have access to good old-fashioned television but without any of the fuss.
    • A diverse and extensive choice of FX original series such as “Atlanta”, “The Old Man”, as well as award-sucker “The Bear” enjoy immense critical and audience success.
    • Hulu Originals such as the dystopian drama series “The Handmaid’s Tale”, and Only Murders in the Building and films like “Prey” and “Palm Springs” prove that Hulu has a strong capacity to create trend-setting content.
    • A few examples include the basic advertising-supported plan for $7.99 monthly or the $14.99-ad-free on-demand streaming plan. The channel and package consisting of full live and on-demand TV offers are available from $ 74.99 monthly.

    While Hulu now has over 200 more original titles under production, they will still be innovating streaming entertainment, as well as catering to those who seek steady, familiar, and reliable streaming of traditional television content.


    As Disney continues to grow its universe of magic and heroes, the streaming platform is a go-to option for families and lovers of this company’s creations.

    Top reasons Disney+ rules the streaming landscape in 2024:

    • Marvel domination with phase 5 of MCU is already underway. There is a variety of spin-offs that enrich characters such as ‘Loki’ and ‘She-Hulk’ and upcoming series such as ‘Ironheart’ and ‘Echo’ which will take Marvel to a new level completely.
    • The comeback of epic Star Wars narrative via The Mandalorian and Andor series The movie-loving public’s ever-celestial expectations are finally granted through Disney+: Obi-Wan Kenobi, comprising Ewan McGregor, and other programs.
    • Nostalgic favorites and reboots like “Turner and Hooch” starring Josh Peck, “Mighty Ducks: From the sequel of an 80s classic “Willow” titled “Game Changers” to live-action versions of popular animated movies including “Pinocchio,” Disney+ has the classic Disney touch.
    • Original live musicals like no other streamer can offer, it has the quality of Broadway live musicals. Though Disney has always been a hub for musicals, Disney+ is a musical theatre lover’s dream with shows ranging from the Tony award-winning ‘Hamilton’ to the enchanting music and magic of ‘Encanto’.

    The Disney brand is in its prime as it walks into the future with a clear objective of improving the quality of programming to come in the ensuing years, Disney+ rightfully occupies its place as a family-friendly streaming service.

    Apple TV+

    Apple TV+ is the first streaming service with a ubiquitous iPhone; Since its launch in 2019, the platform has turned premium original programming and star power into impressive growth.

    By 2024, Apple TV+ shines with:

    • PRESTIGE programming that generates awards consideration. Movies such as “CODA” and “The Tragedy of Macbeth” pack the emotions that people desperately need, which will be accompanied by sci-fi drama “See” with Jason Momoa and an immigrant story “Pachinko.”
    • LIV Golf, future Formula One races, and other events are not available on any other streamer in addition to Friday Night Baseball and MLS soccer.
    • The price range for this service is reasonable and includes only $6.99 per month. Other than that, they gain subscribers through attractive free trial periods which are often coupled with Apple products.
    • Interoperability with other connected Apple services and products. Even for the Apple aficionados, streaming through AirPlay, downloading for offline listening, and exploring the related content on Apple Podcasts, everything is interconnected.
    • Large-scale commitments to blockbuster IPs are slated to become the next phenomenon. Future shows and movies already have George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Oprah Winfrey, Will Ferrell, and more, all set to star in Apple TV+ shows and movies, which means remarkable programming hasn’t been released yet.

    The platform is very convenient if you get used to the Apple ecosystem, which many users are already entrenched in. Still, the viewer with no particular preference for quality and aesthetic productions should be able to find their place in the artistic and celebrative series and movies worth watching available on Apple TV+.

    The Streaming Wars: Battle Renewed

    The entertainment through streaming service companies has been rapidly increasing every year. Thus, while today, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu, and Apple TV+ stand out as the best services at the moment, do not count on Netflix, Peacock, and Paramount+ to lose faith in their services and in the fight for devoted viewers as well in 2024 and further.

    Whatever the streaming service one decides to subscribe to, it is clear that viewers will always have endless quality film and television shows to watch for years to come, as a result of the incredible streaming age we are in. Happy viewing!