Best Internet for Streaming 2023

  • Posted on: 04 Jan 2023

  • Cable Papa recommends fiber-optic internet as the top option for streaming TV online - but cable, DSL, and satellite still have their advantages. Going beyond what most services suggest is best (5-7 Mbps), Cable TV stresses that at least 25Mbps should be used to ensure optimum performance when it comes to speed for streaming content. Let's explore why this is true! 

    Finding the best internet is an important part of creating a connected lifestyle. It can be hard to find what works for you, though—availability varies from place to place and with its cost and speed. Here at Cable Papa, we've assembled recommendations based on some of America's most widely available internet service providers, making sure there's something suitable near your area! 

    Recommended speeds for streaming

    If you're streaming content on multiple devices in your household, the standard recommendation of 5-7 Mbps download speed may not be enough. Consider all gadgets that are connected to the internet and consuming data simultaneously for optimal performance when selecting a suitable plan with an Internet Service Provider. 

    Internet speeds for streaming

    • 5-25 Mbps: Standard-definition TV stream; one device
    • 25-100 Mbps: Single high-definition TV stream; one or two devices
    • 100-300 Mbps: Multiple HD TV streams, gaming; one or four devices
    • 300–500 Mbps:Multiple HD/4K TV streams; multiple devices
    • 1,000 Mbps (1 Gbps): Multiple HD/4K TV streams and file uploading; multiple devices 

    The best internet for streaming 

    Best overall—Google Fiber 

    Google Fiber is a revolutionary fiber-to-the-home technology designed to give you ultrafast, reliable internet. With symmetrical upload and download speeds rivaling that of cable Internet, the all-fiber connection directly from your home provides superior reliability - no more pesky electrical equipment failing and slowing down Web performance. 

    Google Fiber has revolutionized internet service, yet only a select few cities have access to its super-fast speeds. Sadly the technology giant's previously aggressive expansion came to an abrupt halt in 2016 and didn't resume until 2020 - leaving them lagging behind their competitors' ever-growing coverage area. But with Google's news 2,000 Mbps plan finally hitting markets at the tail end of last year hopefully more people will be able to tap into this life-changing connection soon! 

    Best availability—Xfinity

    Comcast Xfinity offers streaming speeds ranging from 50 Mbps to an ultra-fast 1,200 Mbps. Their backbone technology primarily uses fiber optic lines, but some rural areas have access only to the classic cable TV infrastructure for service. With such a variety of plans and connectivity options, you're sure to find one that fits your digital lifestyle!

    For extremely fast internet speeds with virtually no lag time, Xfinity offers its ultra-powerful Gigabit Pro plan. This incredible residential fiber connection has just increased its maximum speed to 6 Gbps — available in only 0.02% of the company's three service regions combined! Though it comes at a heavy price tag of $299/month, this business-grade fiber is sure to deliver big on your online needs. 

    Our verdict: Get Xfinity internet if you can

    Are you looking for an internet connection provider that gives you the download and upload speeds, dependability, and customer service that you need? If so, Xfinity internet may be a great option to consider. With speeds of up to 2 Gbps in many areas, let's dive in a bit deeper and explore what Xfinity can offer you as an internet user — from performance guarantees on their services to reliable customer support should any issues arise. 

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