Does Xfinity have Deals for Existing Customers?

  • Posted on: 27 Jun 2024

  • Is it true that Xfinity offers special offers and discounts to its customers?

    Xfinity is one of the biggest cable and internet service companies in the United States providing service to millions of people. Being one of the leaders on the market, Xfinity stands for reasonable tariffs, and it usually has various bonuses with the new connections. Okay, but how about loyalty bonuses and promotions for those already using Xfinity services?

    Yes, Xfinity has deals for existing customers, and that can easily be ascertained through doing what might take a long time for others, which is to search for these offers online. But these may not necessarily be publicized as the general promotion of the offers targeting new clients. But mere inquiries and a few questions and research show that the current customer can take up cheaper rates and upgrade offers.

    The Different Offers for Existing Xfinity Subscribers

    While exciting new customer promotions come and go, Xfinity offers a few consistent types of deals for existing subscribers:

    Loyalty Discounts: Another important thing is that after a certain period, customers can get a renewal or change of a specific Xfinity service at a loyalty rate. This is normally in the form of a rebate that is offered at a specified time, often monthly and at the standard rate.

    Service Upgrades: Get better Xfinity internet speed, cable TV packages, or modem and/or PVR or HD-enabled equipment and get the first month’s bill and equipment rental free and the next five to eleven months at a lower monthly price.

    Bundled Services: Introduce such a service as home security or mobile phone service and get 10-20% off on the overall Xfinity bills for availing three or more services.

    Contract Buyouts: If you transfer from another provider to Xfinity, you may get a severance of up to $500 where Xfinity will pay for the remainder of your contract.

    Occasional Promotional Offers: Xfinity offers rebates for its clients based on the duration of the contract, during some particular holidays, or even at some unknown time. Many retailers set attractive discounts around the winter holidays or summer so it would be wise to continually check on the prices.

    As an existing Xfinity customer who has already signed up for an account, there are several ways you can learn about deals.

    Xfinity often hides the discounts that are available for its existing clients who do not frequently advertise them. But you can take the following steps to uncover special rates and promotions:

    Check Your Email/Mail: Some of the emails that Xfinity sends are promotional emails and direct mail to people who have been subscribers for one year and above. Giving out the contact information for marketing purposes makes a difference as one is informed of the best promotions.

    Call the Loyalty Department: The best Xfinity rates are for the people who are contacting 1-800-XFINITY and asking for the loyalty or retention department directly. Even if you have been a long-time patron of this particular store and the salesperson is relatively young and polite, do not hesitate to humbly inquire as to what kind of discounts they can give you since you are a regular customer.

    Visit Local Xfinity Stores: Some Xfinity representatives who work in local stores are aware of the local Xfinity offers for existing subscribers. They can also set up fresh customer promos for your consideration.

    Use Online Chat Support: Another way to contact Xfinity support is through the Live Online Chat on the company’s website where you can ask about special rates for customers like you with longer subscriptions. Quantify the time interval on which you have subscribed to use Xfinity services such as how long.

    Check Accounts Online: To check out some offers and upgrades for your location and services, sign in at the My Account section on Xfinity’s webpage. Every offer that is currently available only for existing customers will be listed clearly once you log in to your account.

    Threaten to Cancel Service: In this last resort, fear of cancellation of services is usually used to force the service provider to lower the rates by threatening to transfer to another provider. Xfinity’s customer retention team may then offer you some of the most aggressive price-matched plans and offers to remain. It just makes them realize that if they want to follow through and cancel, you’ll be ready for it.

    When to Expect to Get a Price Cut

    The ideal time to lock in a low rate with Xfinity is critical to getting the best rates on your monthly bill. Try asking for discounts or special rates during the following times to boost your chances:

    End of Your Contract Term: If you are in the middle of your Xfinity price guarantee period or during the expiration of your annual contract term, do not hesitate to ask about an early renewal offer or better prices for existing customers.

    Holiday Promotions: Some of the existing customer offers are usually introduced during the holiday season in the winter and in late summer when schools re-open.

    New Customer Promotions: If Xfinity gives special short-term rates to new customers in your region, others with longer-term contracts can ask for the same prices.

    Service Outages: If you have had a few times of Xfinity internet or cable disruptions, politely tell them that unless they put the disruption in terms of credit or discount, you are likely to change to another provider.

    Financial Hardship: If you get laid off, or have some form of financial emergency? Candor about your current employment status and reasons why you require a reduction in certain expenditures. It is possible that Xfinity, as a telecommunications company may provide a relatively lower service charge.

    Just how much money can existing Comcast Xfinity clients conserve?

    The amount of savings depends on several factors such as location, services, and tenure of subscription, but overall, the current Xfinity customers can expect to save about $20-50 monthly from the normal Xfinity rates. Indeed, some clients may reduce their charges by half during discount sales or a company’s loyalty promotions.

    Savings opportunities may include:

    • Internet Plans: $10-20 off all monthly internet service
    • TV Bundles: Discounts fell in the range of $15-30 on TV and internet bundles.
    • Service Upgrades: Discount of 50% services for upgraded internet speed and/or DVR service.
    • Contract Buyouts: Limited to early termination fee of up to $500
    • Triple Play Bundles: $5-$10 credit per month towards TV, internet, and voice bundles
    • Loyalty Credits: $10-30 per month of special and loyalty discounts

    The longer and more frequently you sign up for services from Xfinity, the better your chances of finding existing customer offers that will put you in a position to save more. Just be sure to compare deals first before subscribing to any of those contracts.

    What actions are needed from the side of existing customers?

    To get the best deals on Xfinity as an existing user, however, there are some measures that you need to take to get the best deals. You’ll need to put in a small amount of effort:

    1. The best thing is to track when your contract with the company is due for renewal, this will help you know when to call and request for new rates. It is better if you have to, make it a date.

    2. Before contacting Customer Relations, check out the latest promotions available in your area for Xfinity. Their website or forums, or even talking to neighbors can help you learn about them.

    3. Expect to spend as much as 30-60 minutes on the phone with Xfinity’s loyalty department to convince them as to why you should be given a discount given your long-time commitment to their services.

    4. When asked about the subscription history and the amount that has been billed, make sure to present the records of the same. This gives Xfinity reps an x-ray vision of your account and allows them to come up with the best savings for you.

    5. Be ready to state a number of a competitive provider in case if required. For example, use the price new customers pay from a provider such as Verizon Fios offered within the region.

    6. Be patient and be ready to leave if Xfinity cannot offer any better deal as per your requirements. Power is most important with customers who tend to abandon their current service providers.

    Although it is a strategy to remain a loyal customer to your provider, it is advisable to switch when the competitor comes up with better rates. As the saying goes, the ‘wolf will not howl if it does not intend to hunt’, make some noise, and demand the deals you or supposed to get as a loyal Xfinity customer. A smart buyer and the right timing and negotiation strategies could help you get equally good discounts.