How to Return Xfinity Equipment?

  • Posted on: 27 Jun 2024

  • How to Return Xfinity Equipment?

    Returning the Xfinity equipment is the final step you should consider taking when canceling Xfinity services or transitioning to another service provider. Those students who do not return the equipment as required will be charged these fees which they do not need. Here are the steps you should consider as a guideline in returning your Xfinity cable boxes, routers, modems, or any other device you may have been provided.

    This step entails cleaning your equipment as well as returning it to its initial state before you borrow it again from the store or library.
    To ensure that all of your Xfinity devices and accessories are accounted for and functioning properly before you return them, you will need to locate all of the devices that have been provided to you. This includes:

    • Cable boxes
    • DVRs
    • Routers
    • Modems
    • REMOTES and power cords are the two most common items that people lose or cannot find easily when they need them.
    • Any other Xfinity equipment.

    Before discarding any packets, double-check all the return kits that you received from Xfinity when signing up for the service. These kits may comprise envelopes, boxes, or shipping labels, which may be used to return the equipment. Accumulate every additional item that is supposed to have been included with every device such as remote controls, power cords, and ethernet cables among others. Last but not least, wipe out or factory wipe any devices that contain more personal data such as DVRs. This assists in safeguarding your data when figuring out the return procedure.

    Customers should have adequate knowledge about the Return Policies and Fees

    Before returning any such equipment, ensure you understand Xfinity’s equipment return policy well. This prevents one from incurring other costs further on since all costs are included in the initial estimate. Some key points:

    • Also, you must return all Xfinity equipment within the next thirty days after canceling your Xfinity service.
    • If you want to cancel your Xfinity services but stick with the other products such as mobile, and internet, they still require customers to return all equipment related to the canceled services such as TV or home phone.
    • Customers are free to return the equipment at any UPS store without incurring any further cost.
    • Returning at an Xfinity store is also free on condition that they have a UPS counter where you need to return your equipment.
    • If you misplace the return kit and there is no box left, then the customer will have the responsibility to provide the box and incur the cost of shipping it.
    • Ensure ALL the returned devices can power on or else you might end up being charged even for items that were returned in good condition.
    • It is advisable to retain the tracking number or the return receipt until your account balances show an accurate return of the equipment

    After canceling service and failing to return the equipment within 30 days, Xfinity may opt to charge an unreturned equipment fee. This is usually $100 per unreturned cable box and $10 per unreturned modem. However, past accounts may be on a different fee structure this should therefore be checked on the previous bill if possible. However, if you are late to return equipment, you will be charged some money for non-return fees.

    Return Cable Boxes

    About 90% of Xfinity TV users, lease a cable box from the company. Cable boxes are also easily returned; it does not take much time to complete the procedure.

    Pack It Up

    First, put each cable box back in its original box or a return kit if you have one available. It should contain the box where everything is stored, the remote as part of the box, the power cord as part of the box, and any other parts that may be included in the package such as HDMI cable. Tighten every single screw so that there will be no loose cables protruding on the outside of the box that may get tangled with the machines and other equipment when transporting the box.

    Stick on the Prepaid Shipping Label

    Finally, secure the UPS prepaid return label that comes with the return kit at the top of the sealed box. The label must not be used by any other shipping company. Ensure that there are no remnants of the old label showing, or included in the list under the prepaid one. Then ensure that any residual balance of the old prepaid label is fully masked by the new one.

    Drop It Off

    You have two options for dropping off your securely packaged equipment:

    1. Any UPS Store Location

    Go to a local UPS Store and have your box properly labeled. Packing dropoffs: The clerks can capture your prepaid label swiftly when performing packing dropoffs during working hours. You should make sure that you retain and produce a receipt that indicates that you returned your equipment!

    2. Xfinity store with UPS access point

    Here are the different kinds of stores and centers that have on-site UPS Access Points that you may use: Just drop off your equipment and when you reach the shipping, you can have your shipping clerks scan your prepaid label. However, as with any other mode, it is always wise to get a receipt as a record of the return.

    And that's it! Of course, as long as your equipment turns on before being shipped, you will be eligible to return your UPS package using the provided label, which will cost you nothing.

    Return Cable Modems

    Returning your cable modem is as easy as using the cable boxes mentioned above in returning it. Simply pack the modem in an existing plain box or modem return kit, close the box, attach the shipping label correctly, and then take it to any UPS store and you are done without any charges. Easy!

    The one caveat with returning modems is not to be charged for an unreturned equipment fee if you already owned yours rather than leasing from Xfinity. In that case, you should NOT return the modem only as you are the rightful owner of the modem. However, you can return other Xfinity products such as routers or cable TV boxes that you are not using. It is always a good idea, however, to ensure that your modem is categorized as “Customer Owned” in your bill or you have paid the rental fees in full at some point.

    As usual, you should retain your return receipt for a couple of weeks, or until the equipment return is fully handled by Xfinity, which may take up to several weeks after you drop it off.

    Return Xfinity Routers

    If you received an Xfinity xFi router to use for home WiFi rental, then returning this device also follows the normal prepaid UPS label procedure. If you rented an Xfinity router combo unit that has a modem, then follow the cable modem returns instructions.

    For standalone routers:

    • Place the router back in its box, making sure everything is tidy, including all the cords and accessories.
    • Place the postage-paid sticker on the box and close the box correctly
    • Free return shipping through UPS Store; simply drop off the item at the closest UPS Store.

    If you own the router that you purchased at some point separately, you can keep this equipment and do not need to return routers you fully own. Just ensure that anything relating to equipment costs is fully wiped off your final Xfinity bill.

    Return Equipment In-Person

    Although the discussed above UPS drop-off option is the easiest to use to return the Xfinity equipment, there is another way. Some Xfinity Stores allow you to return devices in person if they have the UPS Access Point located in the store.

    You can go to any of the aforementioned facilities with your equipment in its original boxes or return kits. They return products that are ready to be taken back to Xfinity and explain this to the store employee. It will read your prepaid labels and produce return receipts. This works in the same manner as visiting any UPS Store.

    It is important to note that not all of the Xfinity Store locations will have the capability of accepting equipment returns or the UPS Access Point. Currently, it may be possible to purchase snacks at an Xfinity store but the operating hours may not be as flexible as a nearby UPS store. However, when a store does accept returned goods, they don’t have to charge for it, although, most are likely to do so as a way of discouraging shoppers who may return products to exchange them for different products with an easy stance.

    Check Equipment Return Status

    After you have prepaid with UPS for the dropoff of returning Xfinity devices, the last thing to do is just wait for all the processes to be completed. Be careful to ensure that your account reflects all the equipment to the point of origin correctly so that no extra charges are incurred.

    If you have dropped off equipment for your account into the UP then it may take as long as four weeks before the returns are being reported accurately. It also, means that you can check the status online or using the Xfinity MyAccount app during this time. Using the Equipment tab, you should be able to observe that devices change to a “Returned” status once the process runs through.

    There are cases wherein the account displays equipment as Still Active for more than 30 days after the return; promptly reach out to Xfinity Support. Share specifics such as tracking numbers for the shipments and ensure the return management registers all the returns as received by UPS. This also helps in avoiding the fallacy of charging unreturned fees by accident.

    And that, ladies and gents, is how you successfully return your Xfinity cable boxes, modem, router, remote control, or any rented item! Just be sure to collect and ship the items appropriately including those prepaid labels for free UPS shipping and keep the tracking details until the returns are fully processed in Xfinity systems. If you follow these instructions, you will be able to easily complete the process of your account cancellation and improbable to be charged for unwanted equipment.