Does Xfinity give you a Modem and Router?

  • Posted on: 27 Jun 2024

  • Xfinity modem rental is included for customers who subscribe to its internet services, so they do not give out routers.

    These are the television options available when subscribing to Xfinity internet services: As for the Internet equipment, Xfinity offers its customers a free internet modem and router in a single package, however, customers can also buy their equipment or rent it from the company. Below is a brief of what equipment Xfinity provides, and what you can do if you want to keep using your gear.

    Modem And Routers Offered By Xfinity

    When there is no provision for bringing your equipment when subscribing to Xfinity Internet, they offer you an Xfinity gateway. This technology works in a way that it acts as a cable modem to enable connection to the Xfinity network and also as a WiFi router for home network creation.

    These gateway units include models such as the “XG1” or the “XB7” and in most cases, it will incorporate both the modem and the router functions as well as other functions. That is why, for example, when Xfinity has established the new Internet, it is enough to have the box that they provide instead of several modem and router boxes.

    Xfinity’s modem router combos delivered to homes are good enough pieces of technology that can help get connected to the internet and manage wireless devices fairly adequately. However, there are those specific customers who have their expertise when it comes to equipment, and prefer to use their equipment purchased from other companies.

    Bring Your Modem and Router

    This is true since Xfinity allows for a customer to opt to bring their internet equipment in place of getting the gateway from the company. One of the main reasons you might wish to do so is to obtain newer or higher-class modems and routers that would allow for higher connection speeds or a wider Wi-Fi connection range in your home.

    In case you choose to bring your own devices, you will need to buy a cable modem as well as a WiFi router separately. To avoid getting a cable modem that may not work with the Xfinity network, it’s best to opt for one that has been approved by the network. When it comes to the router, one can go for WiFi routers available in the market that come from companies such as Netgear, Linksys, TP-Link, and Asus to mention but a few.

    If you decide to purchase your equipment, you will have to spend more money than when you choose to use the free Xfinity gateway. Nevertheless, customer-owned modems and routers are likely to be required in the long run since you’ll be saving for monthly Xfinity equipment rental charges.

    Xfinity Equipment Rental Fees

    Xfinity modem/router gateway or other equipment is provided by the company, and the customer has to pay a monthly rental fee. This costs between $14 and $15 monthly for the modem or router combo depending on the speed of the service.

    Other devices you use to rent, such as X1 DVRs for TV service or even the Xfinity xFi Pods for WiFi, contribute to your monthly device rental charges as well. The fees are steep and the taxes and other related fees only make the price even higher in the long run.

    This interestingly can be achieved by purchasing your own non-contract approved cable modem and router, thus eliminating these equipment rental fees. In the range of $10 to $15 per month, savings are significant, so it is possible to consider that owning hardware will pay off in a year or two in most cases.

    The only thing worth mentioning here is that Xfinity does provide one xFi Gateway modem/router device for free to customers subscribing to internet-only plans that meet the requirements. Thus, if you have Xfinity only for the Internet and do not get connected to TV service, then you can go online while not paying for the modem lease.

    Returns and Warranty for Customer-Owned Equipment

    This means that if you choose to buy your modem and router for use with Xfinity instead of getting yours directly from the firm, it is wise to know about the returns and warranty. That way, if somehow the products do not work as intended with your home internet connection then you are not left entirely in the dark.

    Consumers can expect most modem and home router models to have at least 1-year manufacturer warranty. This way, if there is any hardware-related problem later on, then you can have the gadget repaired or replaced within the first year. Please make sure to register the product warranty with the manufacturer as soon as possible.

    In the case of cable modems, there is also the added possibility to return the product and get your money back within thirty days of purchase. This allows time to test it on the Xfinity network to ensure that speed is up to standard. Otherwise, you can return the modem to the company for a refund within the stipulated timeframe of eligibility.

    Some Helpful Hints Regarding Use Of Personal Items

    Here are some tips to make the process smoother if you plan to supply your own modem and router hardware with Xfinity internet service:

    • Use an officially recommended DOCSIS 3.1 cable modem that has been specifically designed for use on the Xfinity network. This ensures compatibility.
    • Choose a suitable WiFi router for the house like a mesh system to enhance wireless connectivity. Based on the latest information, two prominent models are Netgear Orbi and Linksys Velop.
    • Ensure you activate the new modem’s serial number with Xfinity before installing the modem. This makes it ready for equipment change.
    • Ideally, stretch ethernet cables between the cable modem and your WiFi router for better speed.
    • Before connecting this modem or router to the computer, it is recommended to perform a factory reset and update the firmware on the used modem/router. This clears previous settings.

    Surprisingly, despite being a provider of internet services, it is preferable to bring your own devices because you have more control over the home network that Xfinity will supply you with. However, you need to ensure that the units you select work well together and that you switch them on correctly to fully benefit from a good internet connection.