What is the 5 Digit Code for Xfinity Remote on Samsung TV?

  • Posted on: 28 Jun 2024

  • When using the Xfinity remote with your Samsung TV, certain five-digit codes can be quite challenging to get right. Using this code, one can program the Xfinity remote to control power, volume, and input options for Samsung TVs. This way, you do not have to deal with different remotes for your gadgets since you are fully aware of the proper code to be used.

    How to Find the Code for My Vizio TV Remote?

    The code that you can use to program an Xfinity remote for a Samsung television set is 10178 and it is 5 digits. This universal remote code connects the functions so that your Xfinity remote controls the Samsung and turns it on/ off, volumes, Mute, or change inputs.

    To pair your Xfinity remote with your Samsung TV, you simply need to:

    1. Please switch on your Samsung Television set.
    2. First of all, you need to hold the Setup button on your Xfinity remote until you see the LED light above shining two times.
    3. On the remote, type in 1-0-1-7-8 on the number buttons at the bottom right of the device. The LED should blink two times again if the code is accepted.

    Some of the codes for Xfinity remotes using the Samsung code are 1027, 1081, 1314, 1676 or 2592. Try the other codes enumerated above in case the first one will not work.

    The Simple Method to Locate Other Codes for Samsung Televisions

    If none of the codes that can be found on any universal remote control have been programmed into your Xfinity clicker on your Samsung television, there are ways how to find other codes. If all the IR remote codes are scanned systematically, then the following steps become possible:

    Here is how to find other valid digit codes for programming a Samsung TV on your Xfinity remote:

    1. Switch on your Samsung Television.

    2. Look at the vehicle, and determine and write down the model number. This number has the prefix UN and after it, there are other characters. You can find it written on a label at the back part of the television set, especially on the panel.

    3. For example, go to the Xfinity website and type in “models Xfinity remote code”. This gives a list of some of the 5-digit remote control codes that can be used with the specific Samsung model.

    4. Choose one of the codes from the list to input on your remote to check out on your television.

    5. On the remote, press and hold Setup until the little LED light starts flashing two times.

    6. Enter the first 5-digit code written on your Samsung compatible codes list found on the Xfinity website using the number buttons of your remote.

    7. Test the code by powering the device and simultaneously using the power and volume buttons. The light shall flash two times if the remote code has been accepted.

    8. Attempt as many codes as there are on the list of models for your Samsung television and begin with the Xfinity clicker to control the key features of your television.

    Instructions for Re-Programming the Xfinity Remote to Operate a Samsung Television

    After you find a working 5-digit code for connecting your Xfinity remote to your Samsung TV, follow these steps to complete the programming process:

    1. Put pressure on the Setup button on the remote once more. Subsequently, keep it down till the LED light blinks twice.

    2. I would also like to thank you and also to get the correct 5-digit code for my SAMSUNG television model.

    3. It will also give two flashes of the LED if the code that has been entered is correct.

    4. It should enable all crucial buttons on the Xfinity remote, including the power button, volume, and mute buttons, to control your Samsung TV.

    5. If the code does not work or some of the buttons are unresponsive, try the process again using a new code that corresponds with your Samsung model from the list provided at the Xfinity site.

    6. After the pairing process is complete, your Xfinity remote should stay set to handle that Samsung TV unless you reprogram it. This is advantageous because you do not have to go through the steps each time you change batteries or choose better equipment later on.

    Employing the right set of numbers that correspond to the universal remote code to program your Xfinity clicker to your Samsung smart television enables you to access easy control features. Instead of requiring two remotes to control the equipment, sound features, and input switch on both a cable box and the Samsung TV, one device can do all that. This makes your home entertainment center a bit less complicated and at the same time gives you the extra features from the Xfinity remote.

    Additional Troubleshooting Tips

    However, if you have tried all the above Samsung television model’s available remote codes in front of your Xfinity remote and failed to control the television, there are a few more tricks you can try. Here are some additional tips:

    • When entering codes on the Samsung TV, point the tip of the remote at the sensor window on the front-facing side. This guarantees a good and strong infrared signal transmission.
    • If low battery power is a cause of disconnection of the Xfinity remote, replace the batteries.
    • Manually turn off the television and then unplug it from being connected to a power source for not less than a minute then plug it back into a power source.
    • Bear in mind that some of these models such as Samsung QLED TVs may call for Bluetooth connection instead of the traditional infrared codes. Self-check capabilities may be confirmed in the instruction manual of the specific kind of television.
    • SOURCE: Factory reset the Xfinity remote by pressing the two buttons Setup and Power at the same time for about 5 seconds. The LED will turn on for some time and then turn off and back on again twice. To fix it, re-program the remote from scratch, with a new Samsung remote code.


    The 5-digit Samsung TV codes used for the Xfinity remote system are meant for syncing the remotes for basic operations of the Samsung television set from the cable. This is convenient as you are not stuck flipping through different clickers to find the right one while watching programs from your Xfinity cable box or using built-in Samsung smart apps.

    As codes vary depending on the specific model, it matters greatly to find out the right code for your Samsung television. If you perform all the right steps of booting into Setup mode, typing in a correct 5-digit code from the range of Xfinity codes, and getting the confirmation blink from the LED light, it should take only a few minutes. In time, your Samsung television and Xfinity remote will be synched so that you can easily control the power, volume, input, and other basic functions of your television.