How Much Does Xfinity Router Cost Per Month?

  • Posted on: 27 Jun 2024

  • How Much Does Xfinity Router Cost Per Month?

    Xfinity was previously called Comcast and this is one of the biggest telecommunication companies in the United States that deal with cable and internet services. They provide high-speed internet, television services, home telephone, and other home security services for residential customers as well as commercial clients.

    When you get hooked to the internet with Xfinity internet service, you can lease an Xfinity wireless router from them at an extra monthly charge. However, is it financially advisable to rent their equipment now from month to month? Or, maybe, it would be more beneficial to buy your router and not be tied to the company’s router for the whole contract period. This guide is designed to look at Xfinity routers by the cost and help you decide which suits your home the most.

    Xfinity Router Rental Fees

    If you opt to rent an Xfinity router, here are the current monthly fees:

    • Xfinity xFi Wireless Gateway: They pay about $14 per month for phone usage or per call depending on how they are billed.
    • xFi Advanced Gateway (WiFi 6): $ 15 per month

    These are additional charges on top of the usual internet subscription charges that you have to pay. Thus, if you subscribe to Xfinity’s $50 per month internet plan, you will have to part with $64 per month if you opt to rent the basic Xfinity gateway or $65 per month for the more advanced WiFi 6.

    Concerning the cost, getting an Xfinity wireless router on a rental basis for one year is going to cost between $168 and $180. In two years, you’d spend $336-$360 just renting their equipment- an amount that could be used to buy similar equipment. The fees on it go on every single month if you do not return the rented equipment.

    What Accessories Are Included with Xfinity Internet Subscription?

    Certain Xfinity internet packages may include the rental fee for a basic Xfinity router:

    • Internet packages with up to 100 Mbps include a leased gateway of Xfinity Internet package.
    • Gigabit internet packages entail the xFi Advanced Gateway with WiFi 6

    Therefore, if gigabit speeds that are much faster than average speeds are what you require then you can be free from being charged an extra cost for equipment. In lower-tier plans, you’ll have to pay $14/month to rent their basic router even if you want to use their router.

    Is it possible to bring your router for Xfinity usage?

    Indeed, Xfinity internet customers are allowed to bring their modem router or even mesh wifi system rather than leasing Xfinity’s gateways. The routers that are compatible with the system can be bought from any nearby shop such as Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, etc.

    To clarify it for the readers, it means that as long as the router is compatible with DOCSIS 3.1 for cable internet connection, then it would support Comcast Xfinity service. Be aware that as you bring your equipment into the setup, you’ll also be on the hook for diagnosing and fixing problems instead of leaning on Xfinity.

    Prices of routers compatible with Xfinity services:

    Here are some examples of customer-owned routers and what they typically cost:

    • Netgear Nighthawk Cable Modem Router Combo (C7800): Yes $189.99
    • Linksys MAX-STREAM AC4000 Tri-Band Router (MR8300): For the basic plan, the price is $149.99 per month.
    • TP-Link WiFi 6 Cable Modem Router (Archer CR700): 104.99${1} & $114.99

    You are likely to find the simplest routers on the market cost in the range of $60-$80; on the other hand, the latest WiFi 6 or mesh router systems can cost you $300 or more.

    In most circumstances, you’ll start saving your money toward purchasing your own compatible Xfinity router versus paying for rental in less than twelve months. This shows that in the overall sense, that is in many years, the amount of money saved by using solar energy is significantly high.

    I have taken my time to find a way to connect my router to Xfinity.

    If you do opt to use your router with Xfinity Internet, follow these steps:

    1. Buy a DOCSIS 3.1 router that is compatible with Comcast Internet as the new modem router from Comcast would cost a lot.

    2. When one purchases a new router, then it is advisable to call Xfinity and inform them so that they can program the MAC address of the new router into their system.

    3. Run an ethernet cable from the cable jack to the router WAN/internet jack

    4. Switch on get the control panel of the router and configure the SSID Name & Password for the WiFi Network.

    5. Register wireless devices to new home WiFi

    6. Return any equipment you rented with Xfinity for a previous home to your local service center

    Make sure to set up your router and register it as you would want it when you require the best wireless performance. If something goes wrong you have to reset or troubleshoot rather than contacting Comcast like a cable company.

    This is the question that many people ask especially when they are searching for the best Xfinity router: Rent or Buy?

    Whether renting or buying an Xfinity router makes the most financial sense depends on a few key factors:

    All in all, if you don’t want to bother dealing with issues that may arise from your equipment and just want a convenient way, paying $14 a month to rent just their gateway may be beneficial. You also will have the advantage of additional xFi management controls unavailable for customer-owned equipment.

    But, if you are an experienced user of Internet communications, willing to cope with simple network problems on your own, and willing to buy your cable modem router, it can pay off in terms of cost savings very soon. It is often possible to make back the initial expense within the first year of investment. The only thing that I will recommend is to ensure the router that you are using has been authenticated by Comcast to support the service during the initialization process.