Top Xfinity TV & Internet Deals for Existing Customers

  • Posted on: 26 Jun 2024

  • Top Xfinity TV & Internet Deals for Existing Customers


    While viewing the current plans of Xfinity, it is crucial to know that the company always offers some of the best promotions that existing clients can use to upgrade from their current service package or incorporate additional services. Being an Xfinity customer for some time now you have privileges to use coupons which may not be publicized for anyone who has just joined Xfinity. This means you can receive a lot of benefits and value, all while continuing to support Xfinity.

    In this article, I will be listing the best Xfinity offers that customers can get in 2023 to cut down the expenses of any Television and Internet package deals. Whether you crave a higher connection speed, additional channels, premium channels such as HBO, or enhanced equipment – there is a package that is ideal for you. You can read on to get more information!

    Modularity in Data Handling for Internet

    As a valued and loyal Xfinity Internet customer, one of the most valuable offers is to switch to a higher-tier plan that is equipped with Comcast’s Flexible Data Option. This allows you to choose how much data you need on a month-by-month basis, choosing from three different tiers:

    • Xfinity Basic Data: It also refers to the first 10 GB of home-shared internet access data per month. This basic tier is free of charge if, for example, you do not need much data from the internet.
    • Xfinity Extra Data: Another offer from this company is an extra 50GB of data for $10 per month.
    • Xfinity Unlimited Data: For $25 per month, one can get unbounded data usage from the home WiFi connection.

    That is why the Drei Flexible Data plans allow you to use only the data you want without signing contracts or being charged termination fees. The beauty for existing customers is often your best promotion is already locked in on your base internet plan. Including Flexible Data allows you to decide how many data bundles you need for a month and be charged accordingly, cutting down your costs in the middle of a month when you use fewer data.

    XFINITY Mobile for Existing Internet Subscribers

    Existing Xfinity Internet customers can unlock a little-known perk: complimentary Xfinity Mobile phone service. Just as its name suggests, Xfinity Mobile is a mobile service by Comcast that can now be bundled with your Xfinity Internet plan.

    The free unlimited talk & text mobile line also borrows your home WiFi data allowance rather than having to purchase a regular data plan. This enables you to utilize all of the Xfinity cellular data without worrying about accruing additional charges beyond the agreed limit. However, after the first line, the monthly cost is $45 per line so it is a great offer for Comcast home Internet subscribers.

    To add more incentives, existing television customers with specific TV and home phone bundle plans can also get up to $450 Virtual Prepaid Mastercard to contribute to the early termination fees that stem from switching to a new wireless service provider.

    Switch to get high-speed internet services in Gigabit deals.

    Gigabit internet provides a much faster internet connection of up to 1200 Mbps and this is through the latest in Xfinity’s technology and equipment. It may be surprising to learn that earlier gig plans were more expensive than how they are nowadays. However, too much of existing customers are still using previous slower speed classes.

    The good news is Xfinity often gives its customers incentives to let them switch to a gigabit plan at a lower price than before. Promotions may include contracts that range between 12 -24 months and this comes with great offers on the gigabit.

    For instance, shifting from the 200Mbps plan to that of gigabit pricing has been as cheap as $20 more per month with a two-year contract. Promotions are location-specific and depend on the offer and the customers’ demand, but with existing customer-preferred pricing, you can enhance the current speeds at the most reasonable rates. Supervise the delivery of promotional prices about the billing cycles and through direct marketing communication.

    Free Access to Premium Channels for TV Consumers

    How can you increase your TV programming choices other than receiving free premium movie stations for a period of at least? Xfinity launches freeview offers on TVs every sometimes to the regular customers who are using their TV services. These usually include 3 months free of premiums like:

    • HBO and Cinemax
    • Showtime and Starz
    • EPIX

    These are available through bills, promotional emails, or through the Xfinity mobile application, or online. If you are already a customer of TV providers, you should expect rebates around important points in the year such as during holidays or events that are programming related. Increasing the collection with 3-6 months of premium films, originals, and series is actually good and will save you $15-30 monthly usually.

    HD Technology Fee Waived

    In 2016, Comcast began imposing an HD Technology Fee of $10 per month to be charged to everyone with TV programming packages other than Limited Basic. About this change, customers who had been paying for HD channels as a standard package for years felt this new fee was uncalled for.

    The bad news is there is an additional $20 fee for the formerly mentioned service The good news is Xfinity often offers deals that make this fee disappear for a year or more. Often limited to existing customers only, these offers state ‘free HD for the agreed period’ even though customers have to pay for the equipment. Since most programming is equipped with HD channels, the $10 waiver contributes to assisting in coping with other TV bill hikes.

    You should begin to see the credit for the HD Technology Fee within the first 1-2 billing cycles after an upgrade in the package or equipment. While the feature is still present and you will have full, high-definition access to the channels, the monthly fee for this will be eliminated from your statement.

    Seasonal Sports Pack add-ons

    Every sports fan is aware that extra sports package channels are not cheap if indeed one desires that out-of-market game coverage. When people have their preferred sports events, Xfinity as a cable service provider attempts to attract customers by providing offers related to additional channel packages.

    Before the commencement of seasons like MLB, NBA, NHL, and NFL - Xfinity unveils time-bound and seasonal sports pack offers. These may include offers like:

    • Our third offer is 50% off all NBA League Pass for 4 months.
    • NHLCI $10.00 off monthly subscription prices
    • Amazon MLB Extra Innings with a special offer of 60% off for 3 months.
    • NFL RedZone is included with NFL Sunday Ticket and must be added for 6 months

    However, if you plan to subscribe to the service around the time of the start of the season of the particular sport, the two packs that are Sports & Entertainment add-on packs are worth the subscription. You can watch your favorite sports without having to pay outrageous prices during regular hours. Below are important tips that should be implemented to ensure effective operations of a business; Ensure that businesses set calendars to remind them of early season discounts every year.

    XFINITY: Free Equipment, Cable DVR, and Connection

    Xfinity has also gone the extra mile to reduce the fees that reduce new upgrade savings to the bare minimum of the promotional pricing. Most often, here the equipment charges, DVR rental fees, and activation charges take a good deal. There are tips on what to do in such situations that we have as well!

    Well, I always found that when upgrading your TV programming you can get free HD equipment along with the 18-24 month contract. Be careful if reps speak of upgrade offers, use the “free custom TV equipment” or “free X1 TV Box” phrase. As with cell phone carriers, the purchase of hardware for use in the first place is now done away with, you pay as you use.

    A good percentage of the Xfinity Double Play and Triple Play packages also come with either a free DVR service or a DVR that comes with HD readiness. But wait most households prefer to record a show, a $10 per month DVR fee quickly adds up. When possible, be sure to also use this special bundling option to get a free HD DVR for two years.

    Finally, whenever possible, do not allow the opponent to activate the fight and any additional installation fees. To ensure that the company emerges as the winner, get the company to waive all activation fees if you are changing services in place but not requiring a home visit. When arranging for an in-home technician, request the company to waive installation fees based on the amount of time you have been a client, or if you are taking multiple services. Although, with a little bit of work, you can dodge instant fees ranging from $60 to $100 in new packages.


    Hopefully, this overview can provide some money-saving tips to Xfinity's existing customers and help them save money in the New Year. Given rising inflation and stringent business environment, pay-TV and internet bills should be accorded value for money. Being able to keep an eye on those Xfinity deals that last for a limited time, options that are available only during certain months, and fighting fees with tenure are always helpful. The concept of being an existing customer comes with additional perks if one can master the art of savings in the year 2023.