What is AT&T WiFi Calling?

  • Posted on: 01 Apr 2023

  • AT&T WiFi Calling is a feature that allows users to make and receive phone calls and text messages over a Wi-Fi network. This feature comes in handy when cellular coverage is limited or unavailable. With AT&T Internet, users can still stay connected with their family, friends, or colleagues even without depending on cellular networks. The term WiFi refers to the wireless connection and is used to refer to the ability to connect to a network. Wireless broadband provides high-speed wireless access to the Internet or access to computer networks over a wide area. AT&T WiFi Calling is a convenient feature that enables users to stay connected with others with minimal disruptions.

    Why does AT&T offer WiFi calling?

    AT&T Wi-Fi Calling allows users to talk and text over a Wi-Fi connection, regardless of cellular coverage or availability. This service is offered to provide a reliable alternative for customers when cellular coverage is limited or unavailable. Wi-Fi calls to US numbers are included free of charge, which provides a cost-effective solution and ensures customers can always stay connected. However, it should be noted that calls to toll-free numbers may not complete. Wi-Fi Calling is an option for customers to connect to AT&T's network for calls and texts over Wi-Fi instead of through cellular coverage. It serves as a backup solution, ensuring reliability and allowing customers to remain connected regardless of the circumstances.

    How to set up AT&T WiFi calling with your device?

    To set up AT&T WiFi calling on a device, the user can start by going to the phone's Settings and checking if the device supports WiFi calling. This feature will appear on Apple devices as "AT&T WiFi" and on Android devices as a plus sign or a WiFi icon. Once confirmed, the user can then activate WiFi calling by going to their phone's settings, selecting the "Phone" option, and then toggling the "WiFi Calling" on. They can also make a WiFi call by opening the Dial Pad icon, dialing the desired number, and selecting the Call icon. When WiFi Calling is enabled, the Call icon will change to indicate that the call is being made using WiFi. Should the user encounter any issues while setting up WiFi calling, AT&T provides helpful troubleshooting and how-to articles for their customers. With these straightforward steps, anyone can easily enjoy the convenience of making calls over WiFi with their AT&T device.

    Benefits of using AT&T WiFi calling

    AT&T's Wi-Fi Calling service offers numerous benefits to users, making it an ideal alternative to traditional cellular networks. With Wi-Fi Calling, individuals can make calls and send texts even in areas with limited or no cellular coverage. Additionally, Wi-Fi calls to U.S. numbers are free, which can provide significant cost savings for users. This service is especially useful for international travelers, as AT&T includes Wi-Fi calls to international numbers as part of their international roaming add-ons. Moreover, Wi-Fi Calling ensures that individuals can stay connected in locations where cellular connectivity is weak, such as within buildings or underground spaces. Overall, AT&T's Wi-Fi Calling service allows for seamless communication at all times, regardless of cellular signal strength or location.

    Conclusion: Is AT&T WiFi calling right for you?

    Based on the factual data, AT&T WiFi Calling is a reliable solution for individuals who experience limited cellular coverage or frequent areas without network availability. It offers a seamless transition between the cellular network and WiFi, allowing for uninterrupted calls and texts. Moreover, WiFi calls to U.S. numbers come at no extra charge, making it a cost-effective option for communication. For international travel, AT&T includes WiFi calls in their add-ons, ensuring that individuals can stay connected even when abroad. However, the suitability of WiFi Calling ultimately depends on an individual's specific needs and location. Those who reside or work in areas with reliable cellular coverage may not need to utilize the service. In contrast, individuals who frequently encounter network issues or travel internationally will find AT&T WiFi Calling to be a valuable addition to their communication tools.

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