Internet Providers in Spokane, WA Connecting You to the World

  • Posted on: 18 Sep 2023

  • In today's digital age, having a reliable internet connection is crucial for staying connected, working, learning, and enjoying entertainment. If you're in Spokane, Washington, and are looking for the best internet services providers in the area, you've come to the right place. In this article, we'll explore the various options available to you, helping you make an informed choice for your internet needs.

    Spokane, located in the picturesque state of Washington, is a city that blends natural beauty with urban convenience. Whether you're here for the stunning landscapes, a burgeoning job market, or educational opportunities, staying connected to the internet is essential. In this article, we'll delve into the internet providers that serve this vibrant community.

    Why Choose Spokane, WA?

    Spokane boasts a diverse range of activities, from hiking in Riverside State Park to exploring the vibrant arts scene downtown. With numerous opportunities for work, education, and recreation, having access to high-speed internet is a necessity for residents of Spokane. Let's explore the types of internet connections available to you.

    Types of Internet Connections

    Cable Internet

    Cable internet is a widely available option in Spokane, offering reliable connectivity for most households. With providers like Xfinity and Spectrum, you can enjoy fast download speeds and consistent performance.

    Fiber Optic Internet

    For those who demand the fastest internet speeds, fiber optic internet is the way to go. Providers like Ziply Fiber offer lightning-fast connections that can handle multiple devices and bandwidth-intensive tasks with ease.

    DSL Internet

    DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) internet is another viable option, especially in areas where cable and fiber optic connections might be limited. CenturyLink is a prominent provider offering DSL services in Spokane.

    Top Internet Providers


    Xfinity by Comcast company, is one of the leading internet providers in Spokane. Known for its high-speed cable internet and a range of plans to suit various needs, Xfinity is a popular choice among residents.


    CenturyLink is a well-established provider offering DSL internet services in Spokane. With a reputation for reliability, CenturyLink is a trusted option for those seeking a more traditional internet connection.


    Spectrum is cable internet provider serving Spokane residents. They offer a range of packages with competitive pricing, making it a favorite among budget-conscious consumers.

    Ziply Fiber

    Ziply Fiber stands out with its lightning-fast fiber optic internet services. If you crave top-notch speed and reliability, Ziply Fiber might be the perfect choice for your Spokane home.

    Comparing Plans and Pricing

    Xfinity Plans

    Xfinity offers a variety of plans to cater to different needs. From basic packages for casual users to high-speed options for gaming and streaming enthusiasts, Xfinity has you covered.

    CenturyLink Plans

    CenturyLink's DSL plans come with a range of speeds to suit your internet requirements. They also offer bundle options for added convenience.

    Spectrum Plans

    Spectrum's packages are designed with affordability in mind. With Spectrum, you can enjoy reliable internet without breaking the bank.

    Ziply Fiber Plans

    Ziply Fiber's plans are all about speed and performance. If you require the fastest internet available, their fiber optic options are worth considering.

    Customer Satisfaction and Reviews

    Xfinity Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews for Xfinity vary, with many praising its speed and reliability. However, some customers have reported occasional service interruptions.

    CenturyLink Customer Reviews

    CenturyLink generally receives positive feedback for its customer service and reliability. However, internet speed consistency can vary depending on your location.

    Spectrum Customer Reviews

    Spectrum's affordability and widespread availability are often highlighted by customers. Nevertheless, some users report occasional slowdowns during peak hours.

    Ziply Fiber Customer Reviews

    Ziply Fiber's customers are usually delighted with their lightning-fast internet speeds and reliable connections. However, availability may be limited in certain areas.

    Additional Services

    Bundling Options

    Many internet providers in Spokane offer bundling options that include TV and phone services. Bundling can save you money while providing a complete entertainment package.

    Customer Support

    When choosing an internet provider, consider their customer support. Prompt and helpful customer service can make a significant difference if you ever encounter issues with your connection.

    Choosing the Right Internet Provider

    Selecting the right internet provider in Spokane depends on your specific needs, budget, and location. Take the time to compare plans, read customer reviews, and consider any additional services or bundles that may benefit you. With the right choice, you'll enjoy a seamless online experience in this beautiful city.


    Spokane, Washington, offers a remarkable blend of natural beauty and urban opportunities. To make the most of your time here, having a reliable internet connection is essential. Whether you prefer cable, DSL, or fiber optic internet, there's a provider in Spokane to meet your needs. Stay connected and explore all that this fantastic city has to offer.

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    What is the best internet provider in Spokane, WA?

    The best internet provider depends on your specific needs. Xfinity, CenturyLink, Spectrum, and Ziply Fiber are all popular choices in the area.

    Are there any bundle options available for internet and TV services in Spokane?

    Yes, many providers offer bundle options that combine internet and TV services for added convenience and savings.

    Is fiber optic internet available throughout Spokane?

    Fiber optic internet is available in many parts of Spokane, with Ziply Fiber being a prominent provider.

    How do I contact customer support for my chosen internet provider?

    You can usually find customer support contact information on the provider's website or bill.

    What should I consider when choosing an internet plan in Spokane?

    Consider your internet usage, budget, and location to determine the most suitable plan for your needs.